A Solution To The Tribe Interface Crisis...

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The Internet is a maze of amazingly twisty tubes.

Ok, just post links to the tribe annex. eh? - M , posted 07/29/06
I Don't Know What This Is
So I'm giving it a 1 for poor explanation. - Deepfog , posted 02/02/06
Zaaaaaadz- zoooks! batman, it's a collective mind site! NEW PERSPECTIVE!
It's new.. it's different... it's WAy out there...
And how do you respond to inventive ingenuity?
My gosh don't a lot of you sound like a bunch of hicks from the backwaters with your elitist comments masquerading as the standard:
" DIffern't is wrong, differen't is bad" syndrome.

When tribe changed, it wasn't just different, it was eye-ball splittin painful and still is.
But Zaadz?
In its baby beta version and...
Hey! They have a space for COLLECTIVE ideas!!
Don't you get it??
This site can only reflect what we all really do think and feel. C'mon... that means it ain't just talk, the site will become what we collectively dream for and work for. It's a simple basic fact (NOT FICTION!)
So all you closed minded, generation gapped, hard nosed, warm fuzzy hatin anti-hippies apparently don't follow the logic presented in the film, "What the @$%#@ do we know?" And don't tell me you haven't seen it.
It's Quantum physics baby! The explanations lead us right back to thought and the mind of god... that means warm fuzzys for everybody even if you wear a cactus suit 24/ 7.

Zaadz is bold and sure enough set up a site based on the full potential of what logic, science, and a universe of love can manifest.
(oops, did I use a "bad" new-age-y word there?)
Let me break it down for you...
"The whole IS greater than the sum of its parts."
Or for you kentucky fried folk, " parts is parts."

ANd I don't like pachouli either.
Now who is being the coorporate old school censor? Next you'll say rock-n-roll promotes "promise-Q-ity".
In any case...
It's still early beta days and kinda slow and boring with bad colors, but so's tribe now.
And yea I know where things are, but they're not where I WANT them to be.
Still, I love what tribe has opened up, but if the mission is gone, then time to find a new comfy space with folks that actually value our hopes and dreams enough to let us have them and will forge ahead and make it so!
So may the best interface not "in yer face" win.

Um... you do realize that we are all reading each others thoughts here?
Think about it...
form groups...
talk amongst yourselves...
"Ya'll come back now, ye hear?"

- Elonifer , posted 02/02/06
Why hasn't it already happened??
Tribe has such a creative community; why are we not using an interface that offers more opportunity for free expression. If better something comes up, we may migrate. There has already been a couple suggestions bounced across my screen. - Howler , posted 02/01/06
I think that would make everything a lot nicer...
I've been hearing weird things about the new CEO. corporate mishmash! - Ariel , posted 02/01/06
Too nerdy!
Get over it, you geeks! - Will , posted 01/31/06
Good idea, in theory
While I think this is great idea from a UI perspective, this makes the rather large assumption that the Tribe backend system was designed to allow for multiple skins and personalization, or that it was at least done in a way to make that sort of work trivial. If it was, then great -- otherwise, it might wind up resulting in more headaches and bugs than it solves. - Uncle Pauly , posted 01/31/06
Absolutely fantastic suggestion
I would highly recommend adding this recommendation to the Tribe Ideas Tribe. Thank you for such a wonderful suggestion, I concur 1000% that this is a viable option for all individuals involved -Tribe's comments? - ۞ Karina , posted 01/31/06
csszengarden!!!! i gave them the same advice
we could all set our preferences to whatever our prefferd esthic is.

the whitebread cheezies peeps could stick with elliots red bubbles, and we could have crystal forests or starry skies... - judah , posted 01/31/06
just sent this to the tribe.net hive mind...
Have your designers checked out www.csszengarden.com/ before? css allows for multiple designs of the same content quite easily.

It would be super amazing to release the tribe template and see what the user base can come up with in terms of design. Maybe even hold a design competition. I guarantee you that people would throw down some amazing designs just for the props and exposure. throw in a few prizes and you'd have yourself a seriously phat offering.

Individualized customization is the wave of the future. get that one right and you're set.


ps seriously... hold the design competition! - St. Even , posted 01/31/06
bring on the non-red skins! - phong , posted 01/31/06
Dual interface option
That is an excellent idea. I wonder how hard that would be for them to implement? - Trickle Down Theory , posted 01/31/06
I agree, should have been an option from the start. - QRX , posted 01/30/06
YES!!!!! - Unsubscribed , posted 01/30/06
Great thinking! - Unsubscribed , posted 01/30/06
A Solution To The Tribe Interface Crisis...
Works for me! - 00smittenkitten , posted 01/29/06
Yes! Now we're hearing some sense!
I'm all for it! Options are great! - LaSara Firefox , posted 01/29/06
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Good solution to Tribe interface
rock on, skinning tribe is a great solution. I want the old interface back . . . - L , posted 01/29/06
How About *Skinning* Tribe.net? - Have a choice of Classic or New Tribe.net
Although some may think it's an unworkable idea to have two divergent interfaces, it could easily be done. The site templates already exist for both sites. People who prefer the old Tribe.net look and function can simply use it, while overall development of Tribe.net could still continue. Each interface has it's own set of aesthetic and functional sensibilities, which cuold totally coexist together. Basically, I'm suggesting Tribe.net shift its thinking a bit and embrace the notion of having a plurality of site interface options... - ☯kenrom , posted 01/29/06

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