CMNM Festa Weekend in Hawaii Dec 25-28

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CMNM Festa in Honolulu (Waikiki)
Xmas 2009 CMNM (clothed men/naked men) Holiday Escape in Honolulu, Hawaii 2009 Dec 25-28
Making your fantasies come true - one naked man at a time!

The details are just being set up now. So you should show your interest AS SOON AS POSSIBLE - in order to be in on the details.

If you are seriously interested in either attending as a participant or if you can offer your services as a hired waiter, staff, activity leader or performer (clothed and costumed actors, role players, strippers are needed).

CMNM - What is it? If you don't know much about CmNm, but are really intrigued find out more at the blog or one of our social networking group online. The CMNM Tribe members are especially welcome to attend or to spread the word if they cannot.

Guys Into CMNM (blog)
Social Networks: Guys Into CnMn (on Webjam)
See the complete list at:

CMNM EVENTS: Really? So far we've not had much turn-out at the few actual live events, but we're a world-wide group. There are thousands of members and interested men scattered everywhere. Eventually, there will be enough guys in one spot to hold some live events. Hopefully, this Christmas and New Year's in Hawaii (Oahu, Big Island or Maui) will be the first annual CmNm Weekend Festa - to be held at other locations in North America, Europe, South America, Asia and elsewhere.

CmNm Festa in Waikiki Dec 25 - 28
If you are going to be in Honolulu for Xmas Weekend (Dec 24-28) (or can be then or shortly afterward, such as New Year's or later,) then make plans to attend one or several of the CMNM Weekend Festa from Christmas Day until Monday, December 28, 2009. (Other events from Dec 31 - January 9) may be possible- but we'll start off with Xmas).

Who can join: Legal adults (21 or older for most events).
Single males, couples or groups are invited to participate. Women are not barred from attending, but this IS a male - mostly gay or homosexual lifestyle - although some married couples (M/F) could possibly find it very stimulating.

Who will be there: Since it's just getting organized now (mid Sept), there's a good chance we'll have a dozen (or perhaps much more) men attending the private CMNM events. There's no doubt they will be fun and worth it: strippers, erotic dancers, naked waiters, and an assortment of exciting clothed male / naked male activities and games are planned. The private homes and rented hotel suites will also make a comfortable and elegant venue for some memorable excitement you will never forget.

How to join: Indicate your interest. Contact the organizer (Kelly Lewis sunbunz (@) gmail (dot) com, (see below) and arrange to fill in the questionnaire and then engage in a live interview via telephone or Skype (webcam/voice over Internet).
You need to be interviewed by phone or Skype to see if you are legitimate in order to attend and participate in the private events.
(NO, it's not a screening. This is a discrimination FREE CMNM Zone for any male, all ages (18 and over), body types, and ethnicities are welcome. However, we want to try to match your requests and be helpful making everyone's fantasies close to coming true. So getting your profile, interests, and requests is important so we can plan -- arranging for venues, hiring naked waiters, getting the entertainment set up, planning for 'fun' games and activities, etc.

If you serious about attending or hosting an event, or if you want to work at CMNM Festa as a performer, stripper, waiter or activity leader, please fill out the application form:

(Your privacy will be respected; no personal info will be given out or used for spamming or other purposes).

Costs to attend: There is a minimum fee to participate (for each fee event) since setting up even one event will incur some costs. However, the aim is to keep costs to a minimum by sharing and not doing anything extravagant. A couple of events are virtually free because you pay for your own drinks/food or you bring you own everything (outdoor excurions / sightseeing).
You will need to pay your own participation in the scheduled private CMNM Party and Role-Playing events by check or credit card (using PayPal). A refunded reservation / security deposit is required to hold your place as a participant. The amount of this deposit depends on the number of events you have selected to attend.
Cancellations after 12/10/2009 are possible, but there may well be a sizable penalty for withdrawal from attendance because booking for venues, dancers, performances, and services will already have been finalized by then .

Disclaimer NOTE: This is not a commercial or for-profit event. However, participants are expected to pay their fair share of cost. Travel arrangements are to be made by solely each person; fees include rental of the venues, hiring of waiters and performers, and costs of refreshments and other related services. There is no fee paid to the organizers or any participant.

BEHAVIOR: Obey the rules.
The CMNM Festa Weekened (in Waikiki ) is one of the Clothed Male / Naked Male (CmNm) series of events held and planned throughout the world. Some of these events are in public and some are private homes. You do not have license or permission to break existing laws, or to cause physical harm or psychological hurt to any person. This is not a sex orgy or an invitation to a drunken brawl. Participants are expected to behave as guests would act in someone's private home, or in attendance at semi-private party (in a hotel, bar, or restaurant.

Sexual or Erotic Behavior: Some participants in CMNM activities may not comfortable with explicit or overt sexual acts (particularly in the company of people they do not know), so you are expected to respect the wishes for propriety and rights the privacy and personal preferences of all who attend. While touching or fondling others would need that person's consent; removing your own clothes, masturbating, kissing are left to the individuals involved. You should indicate at the onset whether you are mainly a CM (clothed male), NM (naked male) or if you would prefer to have both roles. Some events (or parts thereof) will not allow any sexual or overly affectionte behavior that involve physically touching genitals or engaging in overt sex (because of the public or commerical location).

However, there will be events that do allow such behaviors. The limits and expectations for dress/undress and what forms of behavior (sexual or not) allowed (or when) will be clearly stated in the invitation/announcement to each event.

The events will be structured in such a way that hopefully all preferences for CMNM stimulation can be accommodated. However, this assumes that members attending are willing to participate - either by getting naked, or wearing clothes (or uniforms or special attire), and by actutally participating in the planned activities (games, role-plays, etc). Engaging in forced sexual acts or anything involving humiliation, abuse (name-calling or punishment) or bondage will require that a participant sign a release form (for liability purposes). This is NOT a BDSM event or a Fight Club. Although we realize that some men really want to be told what to do or to be made to strip. Pain or sexual violence will NOT be on the menu, so anyone interested in that should look elsewhere. Some paddling, spanking or light bondage is allowed as long as no one is made to suffer physical or psychological abuse, and they have stated their willingness to participate in those activities.

Overt sexual behavior (involving unclothed bodies, erections or penetration (oral/anal) in public places is not allowed. It is illegal in the State of Hawaii. Such behavior can take place in the privacy of a home or rented hotel room as long as it is mutually consensual.

Drugs/PNP: No illegal or narcotic drugs or the excessive consumption of alcohol (also a drug) will be tolerated.

The events are primarily for people staying over Xmas weekend in Honolulu, some in Waikiki or around the island of Oahu.

There may be other related events or planned excursions during the week of Dec 28-January 2 either also in Honolulu (or Oahu), but possibly on Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island, too.

What type of events: CMNM Festa Welcome Pool Party (at a private home - clothing optional - of course), a Naughty Santa Costume and Role-Play in a penthouse suite of a Waikiki Hotel, a sleepover (with clothed and naked males in attendance), male strippers and uniformed hosts will be in attendance at several of the events. In the day time on Saturday and Sunday, you can enjoy several tourist excursions or some special CMNM events and tours: visit to a nude beach, naked diving / snorkeling, a naked catamaran cruise, and a CMNM wine-tasting and sushi party with both nude and clothed waiters.

The dates listed below are correct, but the events/activities are only just being set up:
Friday evening 12/25 CMNM Pool Party with Invited Nude Dancers and Uniformed Men to host/serve
12/25-26 Friday night Sleep-over or Orgy at Maxe's Gym
Saturday afternoon 12/26 Nude Picnic and Beach Excursion
Saturday night 12/26-27 CMNM Role-Play Party (hotel penthouse suite or rented vacation villa)
Sunday, 12/27 12:00-3:00pm Nude Catamaran Cruise
Sunday evening CMNM Pool Party and BBQ, with hired performance entertaining
Monday, 12/28 - Excursions (optional) - Naked Hiking, nude snorkeling and diving, etc...

We'll meet up on the first night (Xmas evening) at Hula's - You need to make prior reservations to be included in any of the weekend's events. Just showing up probably won't get you into the private CMNM parties and events - unless you get a date (invitation) from one of the confirmed guests.

Hula's Bar & Lei Stand‎
134 Kapahulu Ave # 2
Honolulu, HI 96815-4014
(808) 923-0669

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